Hillcrest Greens Keeper

Chet Caneff is the new Golf Course Superintendent at Hillcrest Golf and Country Club. Chet joined the Hillcrest team early this spring. After working for a landscaper right out of college, Chet made the move to Hillcrest to a job he had gone to school for. He graduated from Iowa State University in Turfgrass Management. 

Chet started out at St. John's majoring in accounting but knew he liked being outside and wasn't sure accounting was for him. He transferred to ISU and started in the Horticulture Department

He's pretty excited about his new job "no day is the same, you don't just mow grass, there are all types of jobs." He explains there are small jobs like tree trimming, keeping the irrigation going, cleaning up stumps, straying, "the small jobs really make the difference." A funny part is Chet isn't much of a golfer, until now anyway. "I've probably golfed more now than the last eight years," he says. People are getting him out golfing and he seems to enjoy it. "People take a ton of pride in the golf course. Everyone in the community really cares. It means a lot to so many people. 

He says one of the harder things about the job is finding time to do some of the extra things he sees that need to be done. Mowing does take a lot of time but he plans to take the time to make things better. His experience working landscaping right out of college will come in handy as he plans to redo some of the landscaping around the course. So make sure to give him a wave as you drive around the golf course to have lunch at Birdies, he's very friendly and excited to make Hillcrest its very best. 

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