The Graettinger Municipal Light Plant has entered into an agreement with the City of West Bend to share an Electric Utility Manger.  Craig Olson will begin duties as a shared manager of the Graettinger and West Bend Electrical utilities on August 30th, 2021.

Craig Olson has held numerous positions in the electrical utility field for the last 17 years.  His experience has not only been in the electrical distribution field, but also with diesel generator power plant, main power plant as well as management.

Along with the shared management position the agreement will also include shared lineman personnel and a shared equipment agreement.  This will allow each utility to do larger projects and be able to complete this in a more timely and efficient manner.

As all employees become knowledgeable and trained in the other utilities equipment and system, it is the goal and intent that on call duties will be shared.  That is on a given weekend the person “on call” would be “on call” for both locations.  This will give employees more open nights and weekends.

The drawback to the shared “on call” is that response time for outages, issues could be delayed.  If the person on call for a given weekend happens to be a West Bend employee, and there is a Graettinger outage, they will have that drive time from West Bend to Graettinger before response can take place.  But the advantages far outweigh this disadvantage.

The Graettinger Municipal Light Plant Board of Trustees asks all patrons for their full cooperation in this transition.  They also ask that they give a warm welcome to Craig Olson when you see him on the street.