Utilities-Gas, Water, Sewer, Garbage, Electric




Graettinger Municipal Light Plant
101 West Hoffman Street
P. O. Box 178
Graettinger , Iowa 51342-0178
Phone: (712) 859-3844
Fax: (712) 859-3806
Email: gmlpsec@rvtc.net

Pamela Peton - Secretary / Billing Clerk
Bruce Gerdes- Lineman / Plant Operator
Allan Murray - Lineman

Board of Trustee Meetings
The Graettinger Municipal Light Plant Board of Trustees meet at 11:30 am on the second Wednesday of each month at the Energy Panels Structure located at 603 North Van Gordon Avenue, Graettinger, Iowa 51342

Board of Trustees

Lloyd Petersen - Chairman
Bill Brown, Jr., Trustee
Jill Heinrichs, Trustee

Electricity Rates
Customers: 0-500 Kwh $ 0.0971 per Kwh
All additional Kwh $0.0718 per Kwh
Minimum for all residential $15.75/month

Small Commercial:
Customers: 0-1000 Kwh $ 0.108 Per Kwh
All additional Kwh $0.066 Per Kwh

Minimum Bill:
Single-Phase customers $15.75
Three -Phase Customers $26.25

Large Commercial:
Customers: All Kwh per Month $ .0578 per Kwh
All KW per month $4.7709 per KW
Minimum bill $36.75

The demand charge for the current month or the demand charge applied to 50% of the highest billing demand in the previous months, whichever is greater, but in no case less than minimum charge ($36.75).

Public Authority and Street Lighting Rate
First 1000 Kwh per month $0.1080 per Kwh
All additional Kwh $0.066 per Kwh

"Customer Charge" $20.00 per customer. The charge is a fixed monthly charge to have electrical service available at any time, regardless of whether any electricity is used.

"Fuel Adjustment Rate all Kwh sold per month.....variable per Kwh

The Fuel Adj Rate is figured monthly using actual Kwh sales & cost from an average of the past 6 months. This charge may be a debt or credit to the Kwh rate.

Graettinger Municipal Utilities


Gas Utility Rates
Residential and Commercial Gas Rate
Meter charge $7.50/minimum $1.00/ccf

Large Commercial & Industrial Interruptible Gas Rate
Meter Charge $20.00/minimum $1.00/ccf

Crop Drying Rate
As determined by Gas Superintendent monthly.

Water Rates
Rates in the city limits:
First 1000 gallons used per month-$7.50 (Minimum Bill)
All over 1000 gallons used per month $3.50 per per 1000 gallons.

Rates outside the city limits:
First 1000 gallons used per month-$15.00 (Minimum Bill)
All over 1000 gallons used per month $7.00 1000 gallons

Sewer Rates
Rates in the city limits:
First 1000 gallons used per per month @ $10.50 (Minimum).
All over 1,000 gallons per month @ $3.75 per 1,000 gallons.
Rates outside the city limits
First 1000 gallons used per month @ $21.00 (Minimum).
All over 1,000 gallons per month @ $7.50 per 1,000 gallons

Customers whose premises are served by a private water system shall pay sewer charges based upon the water used as determined by the City council of the City of Graettinger as follows: 1 person- $16.00 per month, 2 person-$18.00 per month, 3 persons-$25.00 per month, 4 or more-$30.00 per month, or by metering the water system as the customer's expense

Per household $15.00 per month consisting of not more than two –32 gallon bags, not to exceed 50# per bag, per week
$2.00 single use sticker are available for purchase at City Hall
Garbage service Tuesday.
Recycling- 2nd Tuesday of every month.
Garbage service is contracted though Harris Sanitation

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