The City of Graettinger extends its heartfelt appreciation to the Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation (PACGDC) for their unwavering support of the City of Graettinger in recent grant allocations. These grants have significantly impacted our community, enhancing vital services and fostering growth. The PACGDC is an Iowa not for profit organization that holds the license for the renowned Wild Rose Casino and Resort. Their commitment to community development and investment in local projects have made a profound difference in the lives of our residents. Through PACGDC's generosity the City of Graettinger has received three grants that directly benefit our citizens. These funds have been allocated to various incentives including infrastructure enhancement. Mayor Brandon Armstrong and the Graettinger City Council would like to express their gratitude to PACGDC for their vision and commitment to our community. These grants empower us to create a better quality of life for everyone in Graettinger. As we move forward the city of Graettinger remains dedicated to responsible stewardships of these funds, we pledge to utilize them effectively ensuring that they benefit our citizens in meaningful ways for years to come.