At the ribbon cutting for the site of the new buildings going up at Daybreak east of Graettinger the group gathered to support project. Sandy Henderson-Graettinger City Clerk, Ron Graettinger, Palo Alto County Supervisor, Bill Graves-DBF Maint Supervisor,  Steve Banks-DBF Director of Processing,  Chelsea Moore-Summit Ag Project Engineer, Aaron Bruce-DBF Mill Manager, Blair Turpeinen-Summit Ag Site Superintendent,  Brett Pickar-DBF General Manager,  Bill Rehm-DBF Owner/CEO, Jerry Welch DBF-VP of Operations, Jed Skogerboe-ILEC, Ian Ackroyd-DBF Production Manager, Ramon Rodriguez-DBF Pullet Supervisor,  Doug Vlasma-ILEC, Andria Moran-DBF NW Iowa Human Resources.  As shown in the sign behind the group, three new buildings will be built in place of the 8 that were torn down to improve the old buildings, some of which had been their over 20 years.

Many people around the area may have seen the destruction of eight chicken barns out at Daybreak Foods east of Graettinger. Some people may have even worried the area was losing one of its biggest supporters and another employer.  Daybreak recently held a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to show the community that the rumors were totally unfounded. Daybreak Foods, Inc. announced the construction of new, state-of-the-art cage-free structures at the  Graettinger and Spencer Iowa locations. Three cage-free buildings will be constructed at the Graettinger location, replacing the eight original laying hen barns. Additional cage-free buildings will also be built at the  location in Spencer, Iowa.
“These state-of-the-art buildings will allow the Graettinger location to keep pace with our customers’ growing demand for products from cage-free laying hens. The three new cage-free buildings will house a total of 1.2 million hens that will supply eggs to be processed each day at the on-site processing plant, complimenting production from the existing conventionality raised flocks at the south end of our farm,” shares Bill Rehm, President and CEO of Daybreak Foods, Inc.
Allowing for a smoother transition of the young birds for the new cage-free facilities at Graettinger, Daybreak is investing in two new additional cage-free pullet barns at our Spencer, IA pullet farm where site work is already underway. “Raising young birds in a cage-free environment before transitioning into the new Graettinger layer houses is a vital step to the well being and success of the flock. We look forward to tapping into the seasoned and proven management and flock caretakers at our Spencer location with this new cage-free opportunity. The Spencer site has always exceeded our expectations and I look forward to our team taking on these new opportunities,” states Rehm. The two new cage-free pullet buildings will each house 200,000 young laying hens.
The new facilities will create several job opportunities in the processing, production and maintenance departments. “We believe that with 600 employees across the Midwest, Daybreak Foods is the perfect-size company
 to join. We are family owned and have a culture where everyone is valued. Yet we are also big enough to offer competitive salary, a variety of schedules, and room for growth and development.” shares Mark Pittman, Chief People Officer of Daybreak Foods Inc.
“Most importantly, we would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to both our farming and non-farming neighbors as well as Palo Alto and Clay county officials for their support. We look forward to continue being an integral partner in the Graettinger and Spencer communities,” states Mr. Rehm.
Founded in 1965, Daybreak Foods has grown at an accelerated rate over the last two decades. Today, William Rehm, President and CEO, and Tony Rehm, Director of Sales, Marketing and Logistics, have continued the family-owned culture while significantly growing the business. Daybreak is the fifth largest egg production company in the United States with 15 million egg laying hens. It operates farms in Central Iowa, Northwest Iowa, Ohio and Minnesota with Lake Mills, Wisconsin as its corporate headquarters.

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