Lt. Governor, Adam Gregg, visited the Graettinger building of the GTRA school district. Principal Simington, Supt. Marshall Lewis and GT School Board President Kevin Jensen were on hand to give the tour.  In the above photo, Simington shows the Lt. Governor the new wood working area of the "shop" class.

Lt. Governor, Adam Gregg, made a stop at the Graettinger school building, to tour the new addition the school district added and opened last fall.  Principal Jeremy Simington, Supt. Marshall Lewis  and GT School Board President Kevin Jensen showed the Lt. Governor not only the new addition but also toured the older part of the school for comparison.
Principal Simington was impressed that the Lt. Governor took the time to come see the school.  "He asked us questions, and is interested in what we have to say. He's supporting us."  The Lt. Governor asked about CoVid effecting this school year to which the Principal said, "we know more what to expect this year, aside from the mandates that are unclear." The Lt. Governor agreed but added that kids are the adaptable ones,  "Kids come to school, and learn." As a father of two young children, he says he has the same challenges other parents have trying to get kids to practices, etc.
He also talked about transportation funding when Simington mentioned how long some kids have to ride the bus in this large distrust.  Simington and Gregg would also talk about the Teacher Leadership Program GTRA has in place, in which Gregg was impressed.  
Gregg said, "I'm impressed with the facility. I'm glad to see investment in the rural communities. Small schools are important. Kids here have all the opportunities and even more than some of the big school."

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